Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Mornings in Campaign HQ

Morning at Campaign HQ and the doors are open for business

The Mastermind behind the by-election (and my boss which bears no relation to my description of him), Chief Executive Peter Murrell

Superwoman Lorraine Reid - Campaign Services Manager at SNP HQ, mother of 4 children, keeper of lots of animals and jogger of several miles each morning before driving from Stirling to Glasgow for the by election!

Campaign Co-ordinator Anne McLaughlin sees the Saltire as an omen!

Head of Press Liz Lloyd checking the morning papers

Agent Hunter checking there's enough work for our campaigners

This man, Cllr Jim Finn from Clydebank, was a superstar in the by-election on a daily basis

The sign in sheets are ready for the onslaught

Colin and Davina McKellar - 2 of our constants. I mean throughout the history of the Party, not just this by election

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